Sync Review 2024

Jan 26 2024 - Category: Cloud Storage Reviews

Highest Security at Great Prices

Sync takes cloud security very seriously. Sync uses Zero-Knowledge and End-to-End encryption by default, even on free accounts. You don’t have to pay extra or set it up yourself. They also have the option to use two-factor authentication, which is a must for keeping your data safe. For encryption, Sync use AES-256, which is also know as ‘Bank Grade’ encryption.

Sync also respects your privacy. They do not sell or share any of your personal data or usage statistics with anyone.

Sync is also great for small/medium business. With advanced collaboration features like unlimited sharing, Office 365 integration, and fine tooth file sharing settings, Sync is an excellent choice for people who work on teams.

Sync came in #3 on my list of The Most Secure Cloud Storage and #2 on my list of the Best Free Cloud Storage. With a ton of great features, high security, and very low prices, you should defiantly consider Sync for your cloud storage service.


All of Sync’s plans come with End-to-End encryption, Zero-knowledge encryption, 2-Factor Authentication and Remote wipe. These are the ingredients that make Sync one of the most secure cloud platforms available.

Sync’s servers are located in Canada, which doesn’t have the best privacy law’s, it is better than the in the US, being subject to to Patriot Act.

Zero-Knowledge encryption means that your data is encrypted with a password that only you have. Sync does not have or ever see your password. The advantage being that they can never decrypt you data, even if they wanted to. This is not the case with many cloud providers that do not offer Zero-Knowledge encryption who will data mine your stored files.

End-to-End encryption means that you data is encrypted in your computer (client-side), Sync’s servers (server-side), and while in transit from your computer to Syc’s servers. This mean that the only time your files are in a decrypted state, is when you are working with on your computer.

2-Factor Authentication is available on all of Sync’s storage plans. Once enabled, you will not only need to enter a password, but also and extra code delivered by either an app on your phone (Google Authentication), or by email. This means that even if some one gets a hold of your password, they would still need to either access you cell phone or your email to decrypt your Sync files. This is a huge increase in security as opposed to using a password alone.

All paid accounts come with PIPEDA, SOC 2, and GDPR compliance and all accounts above the Solo Basic come with HIPAA compliance.

If somehow the above security factors are not enough, Sync has Remote Wipe and Remote Lockout options. You can delete or lock access to your Sync files on any device that you have a Sync app installed on.

File Sharing

Sync excels at data sharing options such as password protected links that you can set different permissions on. Set a folder to view only, or let others modify your selected folders, or assign folder management permissions to some one else. Password protected links are Zero-Knowledge links meaning that Sync does not know the password.

You can also make upload links for a folders that allows others to upload to them.

You can set expiration dates on sharing links, set download limits, and revoke privileges anytime. You can even view statistics about how your content is shared.

Links allow you to share data with people who do not have a Sync account. You can also share folder directly with other Sync user by creating a shared folder with them.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All of Sync’s paid plans come with unlimited bandwidth. So there are no limits to the amount of people that you share your cloud with or the amount of data you upload or download.

There is however, a maximum file transfer speed of 5 MB/s.

Unlimited File Size

You should use the desktop application for transferring files larger than 5 GB.


All of Sync’s paid plans integrate with Office365 allowing you to work on you Office365 files without having to download them from your cloud. So you can work on them from any computer, anywhere, using their web application.

Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint files as well as PDF’s are editable from the cloud, making collaboration with these types of documents a breeze.

You will need an Office 365 license to use the Office 365 integrations as the license is not part of any of Sync’s plans.

Sync also integrate with Slack, a popular team collaboration tool.

File Versioning

With their Basic plan you can restore deleted files and restore modified files going back 180 days. With the Professional and Unlimited plans you can go back 365 days. And for Free accounts 30 day to restore or recover data.

With access to past version of your data, this is another layer of security, protecting you from accidentally deleting or altering your data in a way that you may later regret.

The mobile apps can be set to automatically upload videos and photos from your phone.

They also have a web app that allows you to access and manage your cloud from any computer, anywhere in the world. It does not need to have Sync’s software installed. Just log into your cloud through the website.

File Syncing

File syncing lets you synchronize all of your file across all of your devices using desktop or mobile apps for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

Select which files you would like to keep synced across your devices.

Sync’s Weakness

  • No lifetime plans – All plans are billed yearly except Enterprise which can be billed monthly.
  • Not the fasted data transfer speeds – Capped at 5 MB/s
  • Not the best user support – No live support (except Enterprise Plan). All support is done through email, though they do have a thorough FAQ section.
  • Not able to view your videos from the cloud – You must download them first.



  • Free – 5 GB – $8 per month
  • Basic – 2 TB – $8 per month
  • Professional – 6 TB – $20 per month


  • Standard – 1 TB – $6 per month/ per user (min 2 users)
  • Unlimited – $15 per month/ per user (min 2 users)
  • Enterprise – Contact the sales team/ custom services (min 100 users)

Sync’s Free Plan

Sync offers a pretty good free plan, especially if security is a top priority. While there are a few free plans with more storage space, choosing a free plan with Sync is a pretty good way to give them a test drive to see if you like their service.

Sync’s free plan is missing a few of the features that it’s paid plans offer, like some of the file sharing settings (you can still share files with password protected links), Office 365 integration, and regulatory compliance. Still, this is one of the most secure, and functional free plans available. Sync got the #2 position in my list of the Best Free Cloud Storage.

Free accounts also come with 30 day file recovery for deleted files and 30 days of file version history.

Team Plans

With a team plans, you get an admin panel that lets you manage the accounts of the other team members. Transfer accounts, manage passwords, and set individualized permissions per user / per folder. There are also events logs to monitor team members activities. You can also remote wipe files stored on a team members computer in their Sync application.

If your a single user looking for an unlimited storage amount, you can sign up for the Teams Unlimited plan. At $15 per user, minimum of 2 users, that’s $30 dollars a month for unlimited storage, which is about as cheap as you’ll find anyone offering unlimited storage.

Conclusion is one the most affordable options that comes with top notch security (even for free accounts), and lots of great features, especially for collaboration. Sync is also always adding new features and I would think they will stay competitive going forward (something to consider as you won’t want to have to switch providers in the future).

If your not sure, try out the free account and you can always upgrade anytime.